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E-mail is a strategic business resource. For businesses today, e-mail is the life blood of the company. E-mail provides communication not only within the company but to and from the outside world. Your revenue may depend on effective e-mail. It is no longer enough to have a dial-up ISP account and use the ISP's domain name in your e-mail address. You require a separate e-mail identity which is part of your brand strategy. You require your own domain name to send and receive your mail messages.

MIS will host your e-mail under your domain name. We provide complete services for the POP3 and SMTP protocols. If you have multiple domain names, we can serve each domain name or provide e-mail aliases in multiple secondary domain names to forward messages to your primary domain.

All incoming e-mail messages are scanned for viruses.

All incoming e-mail messages are passed through anti-spam filters.